Judge Kevin Miles, Newest Clermont County Municipal Court Judge

Miles for JudgeToday, I had the pleasure of witnessing Clermont County’s newest Municipal Court Judge, Kevin Miles, take his oath to uphold the Constitution and serve the citizens of our County.

The swearing-in Ceremony was held in front of a standing-room-only Court Room.  I found it extremely touching when the ceremony started with a prayer from his Pastor, who asked for special blessings on Judge Miles, as he embarks on his new career.  The oath was given by Judge Tony Brock, a long time friend and now co-worker.  George Pattison, our third Municipal Court Judge, was also present.

Many other Honorable guests were in attendance, including Ohio Senator, Joe Uecker, Ohio Representative John Becker, and Clermont County Prosecutor Vince Faris, Clermont County Commissioners David Uible and Ed Humphrey , as well as some judges:  Jerry McBride and James Shriver, just to name a few. Tim Rudd, Chairman of the Republican Party, was also there.

Miles was honored and humbled that all would come out for his swearing-in ceremony.  As a devoted husband and father of two, Miles thanked his parents, family, and friends for their loving support.

Judge Miles was appointed to the position of Municipal Court Judge by Governor Kasich, after a spot was left vacant when Judge James Shiver was appointed to Common Pleas Court in April, 2013.

Miles won the endorsement from the Clermont County Republican Party on June 19th and will be running to keep his position in November, 2013.

On November 5th,  I will “go the distance with Miles,” and I encourage all to vote to Keep Judge Miles!


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